This service is only available in Flanders, Belgium

Co-ownership management is part of a complete real estate office, we think it is just as important as sale or rental and we like to do it just as much.

It is a traditional profession but we like to put our own accents.

  • For example, suppliers and contractors are chosen by the co-owners, not by the property manager
  • For example, we follow the commission payments very closely, so there are hardly any arrears. If a file does come before the court, there are no additional costs for the other co-owners, who act in good faith.
  • For example, damage files in the building are managed by ourselves, which significantly shortens the period between damage and settlement
  • For example, expenditure – except urgent – ​​is always made with the approval of the general meeting or the board of co-ownership
  • For example, the administration is automated as much as possible, so that we have more time for the real management of your building

This direct and practical approach makes the work considerably easier for us, which results in ... a favorable price!!

Control by the co-ownership council, and in small buildings by a co-owner, is automatically provided as we are always aware that we are working with your money entrusted to us.

Our services are currently available in the provinces of Antwerp, Limburg and Flemish Brabant.

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